Thursday, August 8, 2013

I love you, dear Bestie :)

I know I am supposed to be writing my Part 2 JOM.

Though right now, I just need to say something out :')

To my dear Suria,
Yup, you are my rays of sunshine!
You brighten up my day every time we meet
It is indeed like magic
Like the moment when Cinderella's fairy Godmother waved her wand and 'Bipeetty boppettty boooop'!
.. actually, it is more than that!
Because you never fail to make me feel as if I am someone special
the attention that you give to me is genuine
and damn right I feel special,
Princess kot! *inside joke*

I am never good being in groups,
i am quiet, i am emotional, and i easily fade away
Because i am an emotional person
thus, sharing personal insights and feelings to to someone like you,
triumphs over all the cliques in the world!

You never made me your shadow :') you walk beside me, cherish our differences
..and most importantly you let the world know of our similarities

From the first day we met
you already know I am the "Quiet" type,
and you took the initiative to introduce yourself to me! and the rest are sweet memories,
some bittersweet memories was also added to the mixture of our cake friendship
though, in the end, the cake tastes awesome! indeed.

I need not find a friend that I can laugh with,
cause I have you
I need not find a friend that can share my tears with,
cause I have you

All these times, you easily lend your ears to me
Not being biased,
listening to my rantings and sobbing
and in the end, calms me down with the remembrance of Allah
Allah gave you the inspiration and strength to calm me down through your words
and rationalize my thinking back to the correct path, insyaAllah.
A teary call will almost always, ends with a good laugh.

Thank You dearest bestie, the additional sister I never had. *smiles widely*
May Allah lead us both to Jannah hand in hand, while the other holds tight to our family, insyaAllah amin.
May Allah protect us from all that is bad in this world and protect us from the Hellfire.amin.
May Allah bless our relationship and insyaAllah counts every second we spend together as good deeds.amin
I don't want to stand in Mahsyar screaming at you for not reminding me of things that I am not supposed to do :'( I am sorry. I am sorry dear sister if I have not remind you of Him.

Please know that I love you dearly and I too, hope for Jannah for you.

Princess Bestie Eka
ps; TaqobalAllahu minna wa minkum. Celamat Hawwiii Waaayeeeeee!

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